Training Bluetooth - Development and Design

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basics of the wireless communication

duration: 1 day

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Bluetooth - concepts and strategy
basics of the Bluetooth technology
basics of the Bluetooth hardware design
introduction into the antennas technology
Bluetooth development tools
layout of the HOST protocol stack
introduction into the Bluetooth L2CAP protocol
introduction into Bluetooth HCI protocol
basics of USB and UART coupling
Bluetooth Baseband and RF specification
layout of the hardware protocol stack
layout and function of the Link Manager
Bluetooth ACL and SCO communication
basics of Bluetooth security
basics of Bluetooth certification
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 5.x
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Bluetooth training hardware  

Bluetooth training hardware

  Bluetooth development software Bluetooth training software
Bluetooth training and requirements   The training Bluetooth requires no special previous experience
The course is offered as combined training (webinar or classic). SYBERA provides this training also as Inhouse seminar at customer site.


Bluetooth training room
Training Bluetooth - Development and Design
Bluetooth - a wireless connection with security. You are planning to develop a Bluetooth product and we will familiarize you with the necessary information and resources of Bluetooth technology. From hardware design, to protocol connection, to certification. This training teaches the basics of the Bluetooth standard and is aimed at all developers and users, both in the software area and in the hardware area. With practical exercises and appropriate hardware, the developers will be guided through the topic. This training is the fast way to Bluetooth in a day, with examples and exercises.