Training NDIS Driver Development

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training for Windows

duration: 5 days

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  Windows network architecture (OSI model)
layout of the NDIS Kernel Wrapper
architecture of NDIS Kernel miniport drivers
interfaces of NDIS
NDIS OID management
NDIS miniport driver initialization
miniport hardware resource management
sending and receiving of NDIS packets
NDIS special function and communication
architecture of NDIS intermediate drivers
NDIS intermediate driver bindings
intermediate driver protocol management
intermediate filter management
network driver INF files
driver signing
training Windows NDIS Kernel-Driver development
NDIS Kernel-Driver training hardware  

NDIS Kernel-Driver training hardware

  NDIS Kernel-Driver development software NDIS Kernel-Driver training software
NDIS training and requirements   The training NDIS Kernel driver requires knowledge about C/C++ programming under Windows
The course is offered as combined training (webinar or classic). SYBERA provides this training also as Inhouse seminar at customer site.


NDIS training room
Training NDIS Kernel Driver Development
In addition to the introduction to the Windows network architecture, both the construction of an NDIS kernel Miniport driver, and the structure of an NDIS intermediate driver kernel is explained in detail by examples. Among others topics, sending and receiving of ethernet packets, the OID management, and resource management will be discussed in detail. The training allows with aid of examples and practical exercises a comprehensive insight into the NDIS kernel driver development under Windows. In our NDIS Kernel training we provide the knowledge neutral and product-independent. Within the training the various kernel driver models as WDM, KMDF and UMDF are compared. The training priority topics are Windows network basics, the structure of NDIS kernel wrapper, the architecture of NDIS kernel Miniport driver that interfaces to NDIS, the NDIS OID administration, the NDIS miniport driver initialization, the miniport driver hardware resources management, the sending and receiving of NDIS packets, the architecture of an NDIS intermediate kernel driver, the NDIS intermediate driver bonds and Intermediate filter management, and network driver INF files are discussed in detail. The training is aimed at software developers with experience kernel driver development under Windows.