Training .NET programming with C#

training for Windows

duration: 3 days

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agenda   training agenda programming .NET with C#
  basics OOP and C#
introduction into .Net Framework
error handling and debugging
Assemblies and GAC
NET classes, methods and properties
heritage, polymorphism
events and delegates
MDI forms
file system control
ADO.NET and Windows forms
database access
datareader and dataset
inline code and code behind
application, session, viewstate
web services, XML and SOAP
training programming .NET with C# development for Windows
programming .NET with C# training and requirements   The training Programming .NET with C# requires knowledge about C/C++ programming under Windows
  The programming .NET with C# courses take place at the training location of SYBERA in Holzgerlingen. SYBERA provides this training also as Inhouse seminar at customer site.


programming .NET with C# training room